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Gender Male
Status Deceased
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Tattoo is a member of The Hand.



Tattoo was a ninja from Kirigi's mutant elite squad, and a member of The Hand. He shows himself during The Hand's high council, where he's assigned, along with his teammates, the mission to kidnap Abby Miller and kill her protector, the rogue ninja Elektra Natchios. When Elektra goes to her former master Stick for advice, Tattoo tracks them with the eagle on his left shoulder, and permits his team to follow them to McCabe's safe house. Once there, the team kills McCabe and follows the Millers and Elektra in the nearby forest. While Elektra is fighting Stone and Typhoid, Tattoo attacks Mark Millar and his daughter with the wolves in his chest. When The Chaste intervenes to save Elektra, Abby and Mark, Tattoo flees along with Kirigi and Typhoid. 

Using the spider on his left arm, Tattoo keeps spying the enemies, learning the place in which they're hidden. When Elektra challenges Kirigi in duel, Tattoo and Typhoid accompanies him in order to take care of Abby. Tattoo attacks the girl using the snakes on his right shoulder and manages to incapacitate her, but Elektra arrives from his back: since he's in trance controlling the snakes, Tattoo doesn't realize the presence of his enemy, and Elektra breaks his neck.