Jack Murdock
Biographical Information
Real Name Jack Murdock
Physical Description
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Family Information
Behind the Scenes
Jack Murdock is a boxer and the father of Daredevil.



Jack Murdock was a washed-up boxer and the father of Matt Murdock. He always told his son the importance of an education, and wanted him to have a good future. However, Jack was secretly a beater for Fallon, the local mobster boss, to make ends meet. One day, when Matt took a shortcut coming home from school, he witnessed his father beating a man who owed money to Fallon. Jack saw him and stopped, but Matt fled and ran in front of a truck carrying radioactive isotopes, causing the incident that would make him loose his sight. Ashamed for what he had become and feeling guilty for his son's blindness, Jack and Matt made themselves a promise: to work hard and to never give in. 

While his son studied hard to become a lawyer, Jack restarted his boxing career, managing to reach the top once again, but just before a match, Fallon contacted Murdock and told him to throw the fight. Jack knew it was dangerous to disappoint him, and agreed. When he was about to lose on purpose, Jack heard Matt cheering him on in the crowd and he rose up and won. Immediately after the match, Murdock was reached by one of Fallon's men, a colossal hitman who killed him with bare hands and then left a red rose on his corpse. Jack's body was later found by Matt, who maintained his promise, studied and grew up to become an advocate.


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