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Abby Miller
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What did you tell my dad?. Did you tell him that i broke into your house?.
―Abby MillerElektra (film)

Abby Miller is the joyaux and the treasure girl; who Elektra protects from The Hand.



Abby lost her mother at an early age. She is the coveted chosen one and the Treasure warrior; who could tip the balance of power between good and evil. Thus; the leader of the Hand had been seeking to take her. 

Abby was living with her father, Mark in an isolated retreat; until Elektra was hired to kill both of them, yet not for the Hand's purposes, but by her mentor, Stick, apparently as a psychological trick. As Stick had planned, Abby and Elektra grew closer, and Elektra became her protector. At that retreat, Elektra confronted two assassin warriors of the Hand; who were to take Abby away. 

Then, the leader of the Hand dispatched another group of mutant assassins. Led by the leader of the Hand's son, Kirigi, the assassins were Typhoid Mary, Kinkou, Tattoo and Stone. Abby and Mark vanquished Kinkou (who moved at great speeds) while Elektra defeated Stone. Tattoo (who endowed life to animal figures, which were designed over his skin) animated two wolf tattoos and sent them after Abby. When Elektra caught up with the Millers, she saw Abby use Indonesian warrior beads to defeat the wolves. Nonetheless, the battle would have been lost if the Chaste, led by Elektra's mentor Stick, hadn't show up in time. 

At the camp of the Chaste, Abby was trained to use her powers wisely by Stick, Elektra, and other members of the Chaste. In an effort to let Abby lead a normal life, Elektra arranged a fight to the death against Kirigi over Abby's fate at her childhood residence. In that second confrontation against the Hand mutants, Abby Miller appeared unexpectedly during the battle, just in time to save Elektra's life against Kirigi's sword. However, despite this, the fight continued throughout the garden maze of the manor.

Abby was overwhelmed by a massive snake attack of Tattoo, which was halted by Elektra; who vanquished him. However, Typhoid Mary got near Abby, poisoning her and telling that once she had been the Treasure one just like her. Thus; Abby died, though Elektra vanquished Typhoid with one of her Sai daggers from afar. However, despite this, Abby was resurrected by Elektra; by the magic of the Kimagure; which was taught to her by Stick. 

After the battle with the Hand, Abby has become one of Stick's pupils, entering the Chaste and starting to fulfill her destiny as the Chosen One.